Literature is a collection of label from a susastera or set of inventions of susastera which is the result embodied with such language rhymes (W.J.S Poerwadarmita).

Literature is a creative activity, a work of art (Rene wellek and warren Atin) “literary Theory” page 3. Literature is language, written and spoken with a certain intent, so all the writings in the form of the book mail submissions, the agreement of the said Charter, news, in the literary writing. Indian art is the art of creating literature or something with language, writing or spoken like a rhyme poem and novel.

The scope of literary theory sate rm used to refer to a certain amount of work within the scope of a particular culture or a system that is too systematic toe establish the relationship between the regulatory pattern so served symptoms.

The main a inspect the objective approach literature or literary a specs, expressive approach focuses on aspects of literature itself, or a mimetic approach to prioritize aspects of the universe, and aspect-oriented approach to the reader.

Literature cannot be grouped into the aspects of language skills because it is not assimilated. However, the learning literature implemented well integrated with language learning with the skills of writing, reading, listening, and speaking. In practice, the teaching of literature in the form of Traffic literary writing, reading literature, and talk literature.

Great literature gives awareness to the reader about the truths of life, literary works also give joy and inner satisfaction. Thus, entertainment is entertainment provided spiritual and intellectual who according to many higher levels of happiness than physical. Reading great literature can help to makes reader be human and civilized, means responsive / sensitive / react to things that are noble, good in life. Literary work has two types of literary fiction and non-fiction. Similarities between the two literary works are both have an aesthetic art. Following that the difference between the two is literary fiction tend to be imaginative literature, while the non-fiction tends to be a fact. Then the language used connotative meaning literary fiction / allegory, while the non-fiction using scientific language.

The novel is a literary form that is the most most popular in the world. The most outstanding literary form, because of the extensive communication on society. As literature, the novel can be divided into two groups, namely serious literature and literary entertainment can be termed as a serious literary work. A serious novel is not only required to be a beautiful work, attractive and also provide entertainment to the reader, but more than that.

The theme became the basis of the development of the whole story, so he is animating the whole part of the story. The theme has a common generalization, wider and abstract. The theme is also something that is most prominent in a literary story, with a theme people can know the essence of a literary work.

Theme in the Veil Of Roses novel is “the courage of a women”. According to Philip Kuncoro, one of the characters that many people is to have courage. There is a similarity of character in all people, especially women, that they are the ones who dare to dream big, have clear goals and act to achieve that goal. Bold attitude of a woman is the most powerful weapon and most powerful than other weapons to achieve desired dreams.

From slightly above discussion, the research found a problem that is:

  • How to know the courage of an Iranian woman to look far beyond the life she want fro.

Here the research just focus on the theme of courage of an Iranian woman in the novel Veil Of Roses by Laura Fitzgerald.

  • To know the courage of an Iranian woman in the novel Veil Of Roses by Laura Fitzgerald.
  • To make the reader understand and know about the courage of a woman.

According to Mursel Esten (1978: 9) says that literature is literature or disclosure of the facts artistic and imaginative as manifestations of human life (and human) through language as a medium and has a positive effect on human life (humanity). Thus, literature or literary work is an imaginative form of disclosure as a mirror and the fact that the object of life using the language as a medium and has a positive impact on people.

The genres of literature

The novel is a literary form in which there are cultural values, social, moral, and educational (Dr. Nurhadi). Thus, the novel is a literary work that contains the values ​​shown to the reader as cultural, social, moral, and educational so that readers can understand the novel.

 Intrinsic value

  1. The theme is the idea of ​​a common base that sustains a work of literature and text contained within. As semanticist elements and related similarities and differences (Hartoko and Rahmanto, 1986:142). The theme of the filtered motifs contained in the relevant work that determines the presence of events, conflict, certain situations, including other intrinsic elements, because these things must support the clarity theme to be conveyed. The research takes the theme of the courage of a woman’s nature novel because the novel red scarf red scarf tells how an Iranian woman who had the courage to look away the life she lived.
  2. Plot is a series of events in the novel. Plot divided into two forward flow and backward flow. Chronology of events moving forward is if gradually toward the chronological order of the plot, while the backward flow that occurs is related to ongoing events.
  3. Setting a background that helps clear storyline. Settings include time, place, and atmosphere (Drs. Rustamaji).
  4. Character is an actor or actress in a story. Figure is divided into two figures protagonist and antagonist, protagonist characters are good characters while the antagonist is the villain.
  5. Point of view is a strategy, technique, tactics that are deliberately chosen authors to express ideas and stories. The angle of view is divided into three, namely me, him and us.

Extrinsic value

Social value is the value associated with a person’s social life.


Courage is a quality, which is something that can only be felt and experienced, courage is not the words and not the formulation of mind. According to Ernest Hemingway, formulating quality of courage as “glory under pressure”. In ancient times courage is always associated with the body’s defenses, and fight, but the courage to do those sickly. Courage is an attitude. Courage is often narrowly interpreted, namely recklessness. This is why people try to educate the courage to do the defensive. Courage is subjective, that grows from within, not formed from the outside.

The meaning courage of a woman

The courage of a woman’s struggle to be as clear and attitude can be accounted for by all the values ​​of courage. Courage is not the origin of counting forward without risk, but the courage that is all that strategic behavior has been calculated accurately before proceeding further ketindakan. Sense of the courage of a woman is not easy shaking or fear the threat that comes from the reality that is around, but will always be able to motivate and build passionate struggle of the self leads to all the people who are nearby.

Courage to see much of life is being lived is one dream that is always present in a woman, to look beyond life requires determination and a strong will and courage. Aristotle says that, “the conquering of fear is the beginning of wisdom”. Ability subdue fear is the beginning of wisdom. It means, people are able to act wisely without over shadowed fears is actually a mere hallucination.

The characteristics of courage

“Brave to dream and do great things

Brave to dream is a very great courage. But after having a big dream, one must dare to do great things as well to realize the dream. Tamila desires that have big dreams had to be buried, because the dream is considered dangerous for a woman in Iran. It made Tamila harbored the dream until the 27 age, the parents decided to dispatch Tamila to America with hopes to pursue her destiny. Tamila will never return to Iran as long as he does not have a husband in America, it makes Tamila should be trying to get a husband in America. Walt Disney’s “have a dream to make a complete playground, which can make kids play and the parents. Then she began to act and be a Disney land (sort dufan in America, which is then echoed by the whole world) “.

Brave to change”

Changed, it is easy to say but hard to do. Because of human nature has always been a pleasure to be in the comfort zone. The word changed in Romans 12:2 comes from Yun said. Metamorphoo = changed, transformed (transmutation). Parents may keep Tamila Tamila with Iran but Iran can not be issued from within themselves. American culture is very different from that in Iran, ranging from clothing to everything. But it does not change the belief Tamila. Tamila still running life like in Iran, she also does not remove the veil that has become a badge as a Muslim. However, Tamila are to face a variety of problems that always exist within American life, and dare to change everything for the better.

Brave to focus on faith”

Environmental or friends may be some looking at us negatively, but one thing that should never be lost on us is belief in yourself. If we stay focused on the belief that we can achieve something great, will not be any obstacles in our way. During Tamila was in America, a lot of things by Tamila incompatible with her view, but it did not make Tamila change her beliefs and find a mate before her visa out of date. Tamila still live his new life in America, have many friends, plunged into the world of photography and film. Thomas Edison “invent the electric light bulb after 10,000 attempts. Each time he failed and did not give up and never lose faith that the bulb can be created. Eventually he managed to also create it “.